About Us


 "Welcome to ASTEROID STORE."


Where every piece tells a story. Our handcrafted Footwears timeless elegance with artisanal craftsmanship. "At ASTEROID, we're on a mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to all. Our eco-friendly men's footwear combines style with sustainability, so you can look good and feel good about your choices."

Classic Elegance: "Step into timeless sophistication with ASTEROID. Handcrafted with precision and passion, our shoes blend classic design with modern craftsmanship, ensuring every step you take is a statement of style and class."

Casual Comfort: "Experience everyday luxury with ASTEROID. From casual outings to weekend escapades, our handmade shoes effortlessly blend comfort and style, ensuring you look and feel your best no matter the occasion."

Sustainable Style: "Walk the path of sustainability with ASTEROID. Handcrafted with eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, our shoes offer a guilt-free way to elevate your wardrobe, proving that style and sustainability can go hand in hand."

Modern Minimalism: "Simplify your wardrobe with ASTEROID. Our handmade shoes embody the essence of modern minimalism, with clean lines, understated details, and impeccable craftsmanship that speak volumes without saying a word."

Luxury Redefined: "Discover luxury redefined with ASTEROID. Crafted for discerning gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life, our handmade shoes exude opulence and refinement, making a bold statement of sophistication wherever you go."


We Have About 45 Years Experience In Footwear Industry. We Acquired Shoes Knowledge From Our Grandparent. Now Our Mission Is That To Provide Comfortable, Simple, Durable And Long-lasting Shoes Made By Best Quality Materials For Our Customer.